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Meet Dr. Deryn Dudley

Certified Coach &

Strategy Consultant

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I am a solution oriented strategic thinker who helps others to solve problems and achieve their goals. I pride myself on building my clients’ capacity to fulfill their purpose, with an emphasis on thinking with them, not for them. My clients are able to apply insights from our sessions to various areas of life that help them thrive.  

With a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and over 13 years of experience in research, evaluation, and organizational strategy, I have developed the skills and expertise to build and sustain effective organizational and programmatic structures and processes. I help individuals uncover their best self to lead and be a part of healthy teams, and have worked with teams to overcome dysfunction for optimal performance.

As a social psychologist, I understand the power of social influence and the complexities of navigating social interactions


Making Your Vision a Reality






As an evaluator, I work with my clients to evaluate self, others, organizations, and projects – striving to understand, learn and grow.

As a strategist, I help my clients set goals, determine actions, and mobilize resources to execute those actions.

As a coach, I ask, listen, guide, and support my clients to live out their purpose.

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