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3D Coaching & Consulting!

Partnering with emergent & experienced entrepreneurs & organizational leaders

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Dr. Deryn Dudley

Certified Coach & Strategy Consultant

13+ Years of Professional Experience.

I partner with emergent and experienced entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to facilitate growth, awareness, and confidence needed to live out their purpose and cultivate healthy, equitable, and inclusive organizations and communities. 

I’m a question asker, solution seeker, and strategic thinker who thrives on helping others solve problems and achieve their goals.



Experience You Can Trust

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Professional and

Life Coaching

Uncover your what, who, and how.

Work to get amazing results. 

Let's work together to touch stars.

Strategic Planning

Determine a clear vision for your future and the pathway to get there. 

Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Grow your organizational capacity through training and technical


Research &


Identify what is and what is not working for organizational and program improvement.


Effectively navigate difficult conversations and create a safe space to listen and learn from your team.



"Dr. Dudley helped me create a strong structure for Iris Music Project and avoid many of the pitfalls that most non-profits stumble over. When I first started working with her there was a real risk that I would burn out, trying to do everything! She helped me find small opportunities to rebalance my workload and focus on the most important things. Over time, these small openings grew, creating leadership opportunities for the entire Iris Music Project team and fostering a cohesive sense of ownership and pride in our work. I am very grateful for her help and support!"

Lauren Latessa

Executive Director, Iris Music Project


"Working with Deryn has helped me find clarity and pathways to best focus my energies at critical junctures on my leadership journey, which in turn has significantly benefited my organization. She is an insightful, patient and encouraging coach who is a pleasure to work with."

Justine Nagan

Arts Executive


"Deryn coached me on deepening my understanding and appreciation of self and others, which I believe is integral to being a capable leader who can overcome the obstacles presented to us. By posing powerful and thought-provoking questions, Deryn invited me to reflect on unconscious thought patterns and behaviors, and she prompted me to recognize the tools at my disposal that could mitigate certain challenges. Deryn provided me with meaningful resources that allowed me to continue this practice and active process of self-exploration outside of our coaching sessions -- this was most beneficial. Deryn helped me identify strategies for building my emotional intelligence all with the focus of developing greater self-control, self-awareness, and self-advocacy to handle situations with responsibility and ease. I am grateful for Deryn's leadership, expertise, and authenticity."

Erica Barretto

Institute for the Arts and Huanities Coordinator

Mass. College of Liberal Arts


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